Right in the middle of Bhutan is the captivating town of Trongsa. In the past, it was a necessary stop for anyone traveling across the nation due to its advantageous location. The expansive white dzong at Trongsa, with its recognisable yellow roof, is perched on the crest of a mountain range and appears to hang suspended over the plain.A very stunning image, with the dzong appearing to float in the clouds, occurs when mist frequently covers the entire valley and the forested hills. At a height of 2,450 meters, Trongsa can be found. Explore Trongsa on your Bhutan, Nepal and India Luxury tour.

Trongsa was assigned substantial strategic importance as a route from the East to the West of Bhutan because it is situated at a junction that connects other regions, such as Gelephu and Bumthang.

Trongsa is also where the Wangchuck dynasty first came to power. It has a significant place in Bhutanese history, which is represented in the district dzong and watchtower. In December or January, the northern courtyard hosts a five-day Trongsa-Tsechu celebration. In addition to providing insights into its legacy, Trongsa also provides opportunities for climbing and trekking through its gorgeous surroundings. You can add Trongsa on your bhutan Luxury Tours.