In eastern Bhutan, the Mongar town serves as the district capital and had a population of 3502 people as per 2005 census. Mongar is located on the road connecting Thimphu and Trashigang. It is one of the country’s oldest educational centres. Among other things, it has a regional hospital and a high-quality hotel, among other amenities.  In addition to being a tourist attraction, Mongar is also home to one of Bhutan’s most important Buddhist architecture: Explore Mongar Dzong on your Bhutan Luxury tour.

Mongar Dzong is one of the popular dzong built in Bhutan. It is also known as the White Temple and is located on a hilltop, overlooking the plain below and is an important historic monument and tourist attraction.

The dzongs were built to protect the country from invasions and as places for monks to study, pray and meditate in peace. The word dzong means castle or fort and the Mongar Dzong was constructed in such a way that it would serve as both an administrative centre and military base against potential Chinese invasion.

Tours are not very common, but they do take place on a regular basis. The tour includes an explanation about its history as well as architecture. Visitors will also be able to explore some of the temples that have been preserved and can learn more about the art, culture, and daily life of Bhutanese people. To visit this historical site you will need to hire a car or book with a private guide service in advance so that arrangements can be made ahead of time. Visitors who wish to join a Bhutan guided Luxury tour should make reservations early on. The dzong is always open to visitors, who can explore its many halls and interesting features inside. You can also add Bhutan with India Luxury tour