Once you’ve experienced the magnificence of Simkotra Tsho, you may never want to go home! It’s impossible not to feel awestruck by the pristine beauty of this lake in Nepal’s Thimpu district, which sits at an altitude of 4,110 metres. The lake itself is rather inconspicuous, but its name comes from the serene blue and green colours it assumes depending on the season and surrounding vegetation – so no two visits are ever quite the same!

Simkotra Tsho is the Most Popular Druk Path Trek in Bhutan and Simkotra Tsho Lake at the elevation of 4,110. The Trek start from Paro – Jili Dzong – Jangchhu Lakha – Jimilang Tsho – Simkotra Tsho – Phajoding – Motithang

If you’re an avid trout fisherman who loves to enjoy the scenic beauty of the outdoors while catching a few fish, then Simkotra Tsho in Nepal may be the perfect destination for you. This scenic camping spot is famous among tourists in Nepal because of its crystal-clear water, abundant fish, and beautiful mountain scenery. The lake has an average depth of 18 metres and was formed when the glacier receded. On the other hand, it may be difficult to reach here because it is located far from any village or town. One must trek for hours through difficult terrain to reach this spectacular site. Must add Simkotra Tsho Lake on a Bhutan Luxury tour.

Camping at Simkotra Tsho is a great idea for anyone looking to fish, hike or simply enjoy the scenery. The lake’s water is crystal clear and the trout are plentiful. There are plenty of spots for campers to set up tents and even picnic areas where you can take in the view.  You can also hire fishing guides to teach you how to catch your own dinner. You’ll need a good day’s walk from Simkotra village to get here but once there, it’s well worth it! The location has it all – from green hills to snow-capped mountains and serene lakeside views.