When you think of visiting Bhutan, the first thing that comes to mind might be its incredibly scenic mountains, peaceful monasteries, or beautiful architecture. Those are all great reasons to make your way over to Bhutan, but there’s another thing that should absolutely be on your travel agenda: Phuentsholing. Here you can enjoy everything from rafting trips to hiking in the Himalayas to Buddhist festivals and so much more.

Although Phuentsholing may be a small town, it has an important history. The name Phuentsholing was given to this area due to its strategic location as a gateway between India and Tibet. This also made it an important trading route during medieval times. The town is well known as one of Bhutan’s most important trading centres, with trade occurring between India and Tibet. Trade also occurs along one of Asia’s major waterways, the Brahmaputra River. The town was originally established as a trade outpost by Tibetan traders who would stop at its location to rest on their journey to Lhasa, Tibet.

The town offers some great food options that are worth checking out. The best place to eat near Phuentsholing is Druk Kitchen. This family-owned restaurant serves some amazing curries and other dishes that you won’t want to miss. If you’re looking for authentic Bhutanese cuisine, make sure to stop by this spot on your Bhutan Luxury tour.

Phuentsholing is a city in Bhutan that has a rich history and also happens to be one of the best tourist destinations in all of Southeast Asia. This small but charming town has plenty to offer visitors, from temples and bridges to world-class shopping. There are many beautiful gardens located around the area as well, which would make for an excellent day trip away from Phuentsholing. There are a few different hotels to choose from if you plan on staying overnight, though you can always find affordable accommodation in one of the many guesthouses around town if you’re only looking for a place to sleep. The nightlife in this city is quite interesting, which you can explore on your Bhutan Luxury tour.