Single horn Rhino River cruises – Kaziranga National Park On this boat and land vacation, experience the best of India’s national parks and wildlife. Discover the unadulterated beauty of Assam in India’s North East, a region that is largely unknown and undeveloped.

On this remarkable 8-day excursion to some of India’s most well-known national parks, the wildlife is on a magnificent show.

Initially, going on an elephant safari in Manus National Park could result in seeing some of the 500 wild elephants that live there or even spotting the elusive tiger. Take a 3-night Brahmaputra River cruise, stopping at the sacred hamlet of Hajo and the Sualkuchi silk weaving workshops.

The moving Commonwealth War Graves are among the poignant Guwahati attractions. Single horn Rhino River cruises will take you to Kaziranga National Park, another UNESCO World Heritage Site, offers safaris on elephants and jeeps. At Kaziranga, take an early-morning elephant ride to see the area’s animals up close, including the fabled one-horned rhino, before going on a tour of terraced tea plantations and a Mishing tribal community.

With a large population of Asian One-Horned Rhinos, Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary is a great place to go on a jeep safari. A superb adventure for wildlife lovers.

Day 1 Guwahati

At the airport in Guwahati, you will be welcomed and transported to the adjacent Bhutanese park known as Manas. The number of tigers in the park is thought to be approximately 30, while there are close to 500 wild elephants. Sleep at a lodge close to the park.

Day 2 Manus National Park

Start the day with an early-morning elephant safari in Manas to witness the park’s many deer and monkey species, as well as some of its 380 bird species. Additionally, you will watch tribal hand weaving, visit a nearby tea plantation, and take a stroll through a local town. After that, take a jeep ride to see the Manas River’s sunset before returning to your lodge lodging.

Day 3 Vijaynagar

Drive to Guwahati, where your river tour will start, following a leisurely breakfast. Mid-afternoon, alight the ABN Charaidew near the famous Saraighat Bridge, and settle into your cabin. Travel downstream Single horn Rhino River cruises to a stop for the night not far from the Vijaynagar settlement.

Day 4 Hajo

You’ll sail upstream today to the quaint community of Sualkuchi to check out its silk looms. Drive on to Hajo, a location revered by Muslims, Buddhists, and Hindus. Visit the straightforward Hindu temple with its elephant frieze and the high Muslim shrine with its expansive views of the rural surroundings. Return to your riverboat afterward, and sail to a nighttime mooring.

Day 5 Guwahati

Travel upstream and arrive at the Pandu docks. Discover Guwahati by taking a quick city tour that takes you to the revered Kamakhya temple and the moving Commonwealth War Graves.

After that, take a country boat across to Peacock Island in the middle of the river to see its population of Golden Langur monkeys before returning to your riverboat and continuing your voyage.

Day 6 Kaziranga

Single horn Rhino River cruises excursion will end at the Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary when the riverboat travels upstream this morning. Take a jeep safari and travel to the sanctuary with its substantial population of Asian One-Horned Rhinos.

Drive to Kaziranga National Park next, which is home to more than 1,000 rhinos as well as tigers, wild elephants, and many other species. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is.

Day 7 Kaziranga

Take an early-morning elephant ride to come up close to the wildlife in Kaziranga’s Central Range. Then, drive to a Mishing tribal community to witness their unusual buildings erected on piles. Along the way, you’ll pass a Karbi tribal village and terraced tea gardens.

Afternoon activities include a vehicle safari through the park’s Western Range and a view of the environment from an observation tower.

Day 8 Guwahati

Early rise for the drive back to the airports in Guwahati or Jorhat, when your tour comes to an end Single horn Rhino River cruises