India’s fleet of cruise ships provides a tranquil way to visit some of the great historical monuments and natural beauties of the nation, from the sacred Ganges to the Hugli and the mighty Brahmaputra. As your river cruiser is gliding over the Brahmaputra River, traveling in elegance to regions that are difficult to reach by road, take in the ever-changing countryside scenery from the deck.

As you travel to the North East to observe the fauna and distinctive culture of this region, behold the almost untouched environment. With your guide, go ashore to explore the area and get to know the people.

As you journey between Farakka and Patna to historically significant areas that are less commonly visited, you will see along the Ganges the daily lives and people that depend on this most sacred of waterways. Travel down West Bengal’s main thoroughfare, the Hugli, and you’ll come across many significant locations.

Let us show you India from the deck of one of our favorite ships, a peaceful and comfortable way to travel to locations that are otherwise unreachable.

Brahmaputra Discovery

The Brahmaputra River rises in the Himalayas and flows through the picturesque Assam Valley, where a national park that has been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and isolated rural settlements provide visitors a rare glimpse into life in this extraordinary region.

Brahmaputra Panorama

The North Eastern state of India’s Assam is covered in-depth by this cruise. Explore fewer traveled areas of India that are off the beaten path. Witness its untouched natural beauty and fauna firsthand.

Ganges Discovery

Discover the unspoiled cities and villages of rural India along the powerful Ganges river. Explore villages on foot or by bicycle rickshaw, browse craft shops, have barbecues on deserted river islands, visit tea gardens, temples, and monuments, and stroll Varanasi’s winding lanes.

Hugli Heritage

Life seems to move at a much slower pace while cruising along the tiny lower Ganges side stream, the River Hugli, while you take in the magnificent historical cities along the way. Experience lovely rural India and visit fantastic locations where few tourists go.

Oberoi Backwater Discovery

The backwaters of Kerala are a completely unique network of canals that run past palm-fringed rice farms and villages before spilling into the Arabian Sea. They are a self-supporting ecosystem teeming with aquatic, plant, and avian life.

Wander around Vembanad Lake’s longest backwater section and the breathtaking Alleppey waterways, known as the “Venice of the East.”

Sacred Ganges

The main Ganges river, Mughal ruins, East India Company artifacts, and Buddhist monuments all make for an interesting journey across the uncharted area.

Wildlife of Assam

On this boat and land vacation, experience the best of India’s national parks and wildlife. Discover the unadulterated beauty of Assam in India’s North East, a region that is largely unknown and undeveloped.