The Brahmaputra River rises in the Himalayas and flows through the picturesque Assam Valley, where a national park that has been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and isolated rural settlements provide visitors a rare glimpse into life in this extraordinary region.

Explore the Brahmaputra River on this exceptional 8-day voyage, taking in all that this stunning region has to offer. On this stunning section of the Brahmaputra River, cruise by charming villages and possibly catch a glimpse of river dolphins and other animals from the cabin windows. Visit Biswanath Ghat in Kaziranga National Park, where indigenous women weave vibrant crafts along the water’s edge, and go on an elephant, boat, and jeep safaris.

You may see a staggering variety of bird species, as well as water buffalo, otters, and monitor lizards, at Kaziranga. Discover traditional handicrafts at Biswanath Ghat, tour the Shiva Dol at Sibsagar, the seat of the Tai-speaking Ahoms, and visit the old monasteries and rural villages of Majuli Island, where the residents weave on hand looms.

Additionally, there is a full day of relaxation and use of the amenities while cruising. Fantastic travels down the Brahmaputra.

Day 1 Guwahati

When you arrive at Guwahati Airport, you will be welcomed (must arrive before 12 noon). The Kamakhya Temple, which is dedicated to the goddess of desire, will be the first stop on your journey.

then make your way to the ship to board it. Unpack and settle into your cabin. The boat will leave Peacock Island, which is well-known for its endangered Golden Langur. Enjoy a welcoming dinner and conversation tonight.

Day 2 Guwahati

Enjoy the Brahmaputra River’s fauna and breathtaking natural environment for the entire day. As you pass through uninhabited islands and the precarious communities that call them home, keep an eye out for river dolphins and raptor birds.

This evening, attend a discussion titled “The River Brahmaputra and the Tribal Life that Exists Alongside” to discover more about this area.

Day 3 Silghat

Before reaching Silghat today, you will pass Tezpur and a massive three-kilometer-long arched bridge. Get off the boat for a land tour through the beautiful countryside to a tea farm and facility that produces the renowned Assam tea.

You could choose to unwind on the sundeck this afternoon, go swimming in the ship’s pool, or visit the onboard spa.

Day 4 Kaziranga

Two safaris will help you learn about Kaziranga National Park today. First, go on an elephant safari to look for Indian tigers and greater one-horned rhinoceroses.

You may approach wildlife up close on an elephant safari! After that, travel on to Bagori and take an open jeep tour of this lovely park. You will also travel to Biswanath Ghat where you will take a small boat to explore the lovely settlement where women weave vibrant traditional handicrafts along the river.

Day 5 Kaziranga

Take a boat safari on the eastern slope of Kaziranga where the River Dhansiri and River Brahmaputra meet after more gorgeous cruising along the Brahmaputra. Wildlife such as pied kingfishers, eagles, vultures, water buffalos, monitor lizards, and otters can be seen here in their native habitat. On a remote island, dinner is eaten outside.

Day 6 Majuli Island

Visit a native community on Majuli, the largest river island in the world and the homeland of the Mishing ethnic group. You can observe a demonstration of a dhoti and chaddar, the traditional garments for men and women in the Mishing community, where women weave on hand looms to make colorful costumes. It’s a nice area to explore.

Day 7 Sabsagar

Today, continue your exploration of Majuli. Explore the stunning Satras, or Hindu monasteries, built in the fifteenth century. As the boat continues to Sibsagar, the capital of the Tai-speaking Ahoms who migrated from Yunnan and China in the 13th century, take in the river scenery all around you.

Discover the Shiva Dol, India’s tallest Shiva temple, which was constructed in 1734.

Day 8 Jorhat

After breakfast, disembark and be taken to Jorhat Airport.