Discover the unspoiled cities and villages of rural India along the powerful Ganges river. Explore villages on foot or by bicycle rickshaw, browse craft shops, have barbecues on deserted river islands, visit tea gardens, temples, and monuments, and stroll Varanasi’s winding lanes.

A wonderful 8-day trip to rural India, the erstwhile British Raj, and other places. You can tour Chukar’s historic grand Mughal fort and nearby graves before visiting the cottage industry workshops to learn about local workmanship. Take rowing boats through the colorful bathing ghats along the Ganges in Varanasi early in the morning to observe the religious ceremonies performed there every morning.

After a guided tour of Varanasi’s bustling streets and the mesmerizing nighttime Ganga Aarti ceremony on the banks of the great Ganges River, your exploration of one of the oldest cities in the world continues.

Visit the holy Buddhist sites in Sarnath and Deer Park, the latter of which is the location of Buddha’s first sermon.

Day 1 Varanasi

Upon arrival, board your cruise ship at Varanasi. As your ship sails downstream for a short distance before dropping anchor for the night, unpack and retire into your stateroom. Enjoy dinner while sailing.

Day 2 Chunar

You’ll sail to Rajghat this morning, get off, and drive to Chunar. Visit the neighboring Mughal tombs, historic British cemetery, and large Mughal fort. Other attractions in this area include the carpet-weaving and Chunar ceramics cottage industries.

Before reboarding at Rajghat, stop by the Ramnagar Maharaja’s Palace and Museum on the way back.

Day 3 Varanasi

Today, take a tour of the surrounding attractions and the holy city of Varanasi. Take rowing boats early in the morning along the Ganges’ vibrant bathing ghats. Drive to Sarnath, a holy Buddhist site, and Deer Park, the location of Buddha’s first sermon, before visiting the Archaeological Museum.

Join the nighttime Ganga Aarti ritual after taking a guided tour of Varanasi’s bustling lanes in the afternoon to feel the city’s pulse.

Day 4 Varanasi

Before traveling to the city of Jaunpur to view the Mughal Bridge, explore its ancient fort, and see the magnificent Atala mosque, enjoy breakfast on board. Alternatively, some people could choose to remain and peruse the enticing retail options in Varanasi.

After lunch, head back to the ship and continue downstream into Ghazipur. Enjoy the view from the sundeck this afternoon, or take advantage of the amenities offered by the ship.

Day 5 Ghazipur

You will set foot on land in Ghazipur today to visit the towering tomb of Lord Cornwallis, the general who George Washington defeated in 1781 and who is often believed to be to blame for the loss of the American colonies.

Spend some time exploring the bustling Ghazipur bazaar while on land for a truly authentic Indian experience. Afterward, head for Buxar.

Day 6 Buxar

Disembark in Buxar, a rural community, after breakfast. Buxar is renowned for the war that took place there in 1764 and established the groundwork for the British Raj. Visit the graveyard of the former East India Company in the city and the memorial on the battlefield. Later, take a quick bike rickshaw ride up to Buxar’s ghats.

Day 7 Patna

This morning, travel past the busy river port of Doriganj and the intersection with the Sone River to reach a ghat or set of river steps, from which you may explore the magnificent little Mughal tomb at Maner. Later, while taking in the landscape and the ship’s amenities, sail down to Patna and drop anchor.

Day 8 Patna

Your river trip comes to an end this morning. After getting off the plane, you will be taken to the airport.