The breathtaking Haa Valley is located in the neighbouring valley of the Paro district. It is one of the Bhutan’s most picturesque and remote regions. This little area is frequently referred to as the “hidden-land rice valley” in Bhutanese. The region is one of our favourite areas in the Himalayan Kingdom because it is still largely undiscovered. This area preserves its traditional flavour and positive vibes and is fortunately still unspoiled today as foreign visitors have only been permitted to enter here in the last 17 years or so. You can add Haa Valley in Luxury tour of Bhutan.

The valley, which once served as the ancestral home of the Queen Grandmother and the prestigious Dorji family, is a haven of diverse cultures and has a fascinating past. In the foothills of the Meri Puensum mountains, the Lhakhang Karpo (White temple) and Lhakhang Nagpo (Black temple), both built in the seventh century, are worth visiting, especially during the annual Haa Tshechu at Lhakhang Karpo. Haa Goempa, located farther up the valley, is another noteworthy place to travel because this is the place where Buddhism was first introduced to the area in the 19th century.

The rural area is surrounded in beautiful alpine trees. It features vast rice, wheat, and barley fields, snow-capped mountains, and the Haa Chuu River, which makes its way through the valley to Mount Jomolhari (also known as Chomolhari). One of the country’s most towering mountains is thought to be Mount Jomolhari. We wholeheartedly recommend all of the amazing treks available in this hidden valley, including the Meri Puensum Wildlife Trail, as well as the thrilling mountain bike rides through the forested hills. A beautiful way to spend the day is to ride a bike through the valley and stop at the nearby temples. If you prefer a slower pace, having a picnic on the riverbank where you can actually unwind, and breathe in the fresh air while enjoying the landscape is heaven.

The journey to Haa Valley is impressive in itself. The route travels over the 3,988-meter Chele-la Pass, renowned for its breathtaking views of Mount Jomolhari and Jichu Drakey. Haa Valley is just a two-hour drive from Paro and is a well-liked day trip by tourists who are taking a Luxury tour of Bhutan.