Before entering the little-known Phobjikha glacier valley in central Bhutan, climb the 3,000-meter mountain pass with breathtaking Himalayan views. This is where the charming rustic village of Gangtey has quietly secured its place in the valley. We must advice to add Gangtey on your Bhutan Luxury tour.

One of the few glacial valleys in the kingdom is Phobjikha, and for a number of years, potato farming has provided some measure of wealth to the local farmers. Today, the region’s fame is due to the migration of 300 endangered Black-Necked Cranes that migrate from the high plains of the Tibetan plateau to Phobjika each winter because of its warmer climate. From late November to mid-March, visitors may witness these graceful and reserved birds. There is also a Crane Information Centre that provides information to tourists about the endangered species and the region’s natural and cultural history.

During the summer, monks reside in Gangtey Goemba, a magnificent monastery from the 17th century that is spectacularly located at the head of the valley and offers breathtaking views. Every November, this area celebrates the colourful Black-Necked Crane Festival, which is designed to raise awareness and knowledge of the value of safeguarding the vulnerable species. The entire Gangtey village appears vibrant while strolling.

Phobjikha, is an unit of the Black Mountains National Park Natural Reserve. And due to its vast, gently sloped glacier valley, it has a number of hiking-friendly nature routes. In addition to the popular Longtey hike, which is a moderate four-hour walk from Longtey back to Gangtey Gompa, there is also  a leisurely trip that lasts around 90 minutes. The nearby hills are home to Himalayan black bears, leopards, wild boars, barking deer, and other wildlife that wildlife enthusiasts will enjoy seeing. This beautiful destinations can easily be added into a Luxury tour of Bhutan