Wildlife conservation in IndiaIndia has made significant efforts to protect its rich biodiversity, with numerous wildlife conservation India initiatives focusing on the preservation of endangered species and their habitats. These indian wildlife conservation efforts include the establishment and maintenance of tiger reserves India and wildlife sanctuaries India, which are pivotal in safeguarding the future of Indian tiger reserves and other critical ecosystems.

  1. Project Tiger: Launched in 1973, Project Tiger aims to protect the endangered Bengal tiger and its habitat. It has been successful in increasing tiger populations and preserving tiger reserves across the country.
  2. Project Elephant: Started in 1992, Project Elephant focuses on the conservation and welfare of elephants in India. It aims to address the issues of habitat destruction, human-elephant conflict, and illegal trade.
  3. Indian Rhino Vision 2020: This initiative aims to increase the population of Indian rhinoceros in the wild and expand their habitats. It focuses on protecting rhinos from poaching and ensuring their long-term survival.
  4. Save the Tiger: This campaign raises awareness about the importance of tiger conservation and supports projects aimed at protecting tiger habitats and reducing human-wildlife conflict.
  5. Wildlife Protection Act: Enacted in 1972, the Wildlife Protection Act provides legal protection to wildlife and regulates hunting, trade, and poaching activities. It has played a crucial role in curbing illegal wildlife trade and protecting endangered species.

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